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King Bela & Hungary

When I was a child, I was told that I was possibly Romanian (in addition to the heritage my family already knew).

During my witch selection/placement and verification of my blood lineage, I was given a photo album by my Grandfather Hines. It was purple and velvet. He said that his mother, Babewyn Audrey Fortune, had given it to him for me to prove my ancestry.

A male took the photo album to “prove” his ancestry instead and take a place from me. Another place was made for me and that was taken by a human named Laurie. None of her line, including her husband, are or were true witches. They are energy harvesters who can redirect that power into manifestations that others call magic. In this sense, they are using a type of energetic alchemy.

The photo album was later taken and sold at auction. I was unable to secure the photo album at the auction but did manage to screenshot some of the photos inside.

It contains a photo of actress Sarah Bernhardt. As such, it is difficult to know if those photos are of actual bloodline family members or simply a keepsake book or how it came to be in my great-grandmother’s possession.