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Red Cloak

One of my cloaks was being kept by my grandmother in Hawaii. She eventually got it back to me, but it was taken shortly after. I was forced to relinquish a vast majority of my property. The group that was brutally making demands of me cut the hood off of my cloak and said that I would never have it again. They were denying me a birthright and that is forbidden by the system. The cloak was set to be destroyed because those individuals did not want me to have the power associated with it or the title. A person I knew in Ohio agreed to take it and make it into a patio umbrella as long as I described liminal beings for him to make into art. He took back a wolf mobile he had made for me and a relative of his that I was dating, as well as a wolf tank his girlfriend/friend had made for me. A couple of years back I saw a female here wearing the tank top. Some of his other friends took belongings of mine also.

To the ones that took my belongings, they have become curses in your life and will remain so until they are returned to me. That includes all of my belongings from that time. And to those that tried or took my birthrights, photos, documents, etc., you will find your own lives unraveling and your identities and qualifications challenged or taken by others until mine is returned.