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Old Guard


Very few people know that Vampyre were at the root of West Coast hip-hop/rap culture.

Just look at the terms Crip and Blood. Try Crypt and Blood.

Even “O.G.” was an old surf term before being used by Los Angeles gangs and later Gangster Rap.

What did they all have in common? A little blonde vampyress who surfed and California. This is why people did all they could to separate that history, keep me from surfing again, have some human-hybrid clone try to masquerade as me, keep me from returning to places like California, hiding who I was, and re-writing the history while relegating us to “myth” or calling into question everything I say. They placed humans in their articles and books. Humans took credit for work I did and the influence I had. Others would make comments like, “if you were really there.” Well, they know what comes when who I am, have been, and what I have done is denied or others take credit for it.

Now humans can do it on their own. There will be no more gifts, no more talents or abilities shared, no more ideas they can steal. Now they will see what they are truly capable of and the extent of their natural abilities and innovation. I hereby rescind and recall all that was given to them.

Regardless, there is documentation of the surf community using O.G./Old Guard before any gangs did. And there is also documentation within popular culture of Vampyre being called Originals or the Originals.