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In my book, The Lost Whore of Babylon, there is a cult to the Hunter. The goddess lioness is worshiped as the supreme deity and she is often depicted with a werewolf pup under her foot. Similar representations were incorporated into human religions.

Their queen called herself a she-wolf among humans and she prided herself on being holy but one of them-a deity within reach-the embodiment of chaste hunter mothers such as those found in Diana, Artemis, and Cybele. She was neither. Yet none could deny her ability to gain power over others or seemingly use magic to her benefit. Few wanted to be her enemies and many counted themselves as her followers.

As the werewolves become fewer in numbers, the hunters turn their attention to the bee-the moth-the bat-the vampyre.

A shrine to these slayers  and their exalted lioness “mother” was erected and their work was venerated. The wolves were known as the Varu.

Later this would evolve into Garu (similar to Loup Garou)..

However, over time, people began to see the destruction and greed behind their actions.

Eventually the shrines were buried far into the earth. Only recently has archaeology work began to uncover them.

While not in line with my stories and cosmology, these clips from Buffy the Vampire Slayer do point to Adam and Eve being among the first to turn against the vampyre and werewolves. It was at Eve’s prompting that Adan Adam turned first against the humans and then against his own kind. The humans would later pay him tribute until he was banished and Eve began to follow our groups along with Eva, Ava, etc.