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Types of Vampire

Mara- The Scandanavian Mara are said to be beautiful women who hunt and seduce their victims while the person sleeps. This sounds quite similar to the succubus and nightmare.

Vrykolakas– this is an interesting conversion of myth. The Vrykolkas were originally seen as respectable and benevolent. It is said that the Slavic influence over Greek myth resulted in the Vrykolkas being seen as evil or demonic.

Ekimmu-originating  from Assyria and Babylon. Legend says the Ekimmu are a restless specter and cannibalistic. Interestingly, this would sound similar to a soul eater but in being “cannibalistic,” it would imply that the Ekimmu feed on either those of their own kind or are partially human or seen as human.

Lilith-Talmudic myth notes she was the first wife of Adam. Lilith left Adam and refused the pleas of angels to return. Lilith was then exiled to the aether. Queen of succubus (similar to Hecate) and considered a demon, Lilith is seen as the mother of the vampyre race.

African Vampires-The Bouda are discussed on another page but there are also the Asanbosam found Ashantiland and are known for sucking blood from the thumb of their victims at night.

Langsuir-a beautiful vampire found in Malaysian folklore. It is said she has the power to take the shape of a night owl. And like the Lamia, her legend evolved from one creature to an entire race of vampires.

Nachzehrer– There are several vampire said to originate from or live in Germany. This includes the Neuntoter, the Stugoiu, the Drakul and the Nachzehrer. The highest incidence of reported vampirism occurred from the 13th to 18th centuries–parallel to the outbreak of many diseases that ravaged Europe.

Bulgarian Vampires-the people of Bulgaria believed there were several ways one could become a vampire. Theirs was a unique lore to specify heredity.

Lamia-in Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful mistress of Zeus. Out of jealousy, Hera cursed Lamia and her children (similar to the story of Lilith). Lamia’s tormented mind forced her to attack her own children. It is believed her myth evolved into one of vampirism but she was not originally known as a sanguine or vampire.

Rakshasa-a demon of ancient Indian descent. Most have only one ear and a long slit for an eye. Its nails are poisonous and it has a large appetite for humans. This vampire does occasionally befriend humans and bring them favors and wealth.

Horla-invisible, psychic vampires that can drive people insane. It nourishes itself on milk and water. Some stories even imply that the Horla are from another planet.