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Eric (éraic)

The Blood Price

While my kind have certain dietary needs, those are often satisfied without the need to kill. It was Eve’s group that preferred the sacrifice–of victims, children, and those considered slaves or captives. An Eric was demanded of me and my kind any time there was a kill. However, we soon found that those kills were being made by human cannibals, wodewose, or just ordinary humans under various circumstances. Even hunters would kill and blame us in order to stir up hysteria and business. The deaths were blamed on us to take from our kind and destroy our lines.

Several went to my vampire family with fabricated wrongs simply to pay money. They claimed association, produced fake receipts, and made up evidence. This money was not to be paid to anyone. I did not incur an éraic and that money remains mine.

Those who violated against us have never paid their debt under that system.