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Tokyo Vampire Hotel

I am a Corvinus descendant.

I am not of a Neo-clan of Vampyre. We were the bloodborne and had to face threats from hybrid, alien, and cloned vampires.

I graduated from college on June 9, 1999. I did not awaken or remember any of this until early 2021.

A bunch of us would meet at the Gold ‘n Silver. For me, it was a truly magickal time in my life–albeit short-lived. At one point, a group of us were known as the Ya-Ya’s. We knew the cooks and one would say, “Ya-Ya up” when one of our orders was ready.

Events at Gold ‘n Silver is what these scenes are based on.

These next scenes are based on events from Paris–not Romania. I was not just writing poetry on walls. They were notes to a vampyre. He would erase my notes and respond. Half my time there was spent in anticipation of seeing that he had written. At the time, we were likely writing in Romanian or a similar language to avoid prying eyes-I cannot remember that detail.

Some of the Paris events were also detailed in Jonquet Thierry’s “Vampires.”