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Five Precepts

Again, I am not a Taoist or adherent of Taoism. However, the five precepts of Taoism are identical to some of my core beliefs. This list is not comprehensive, but it gives a good foundation for living a life without a lot of self-induced complications.

So why were we outlaws? The beach lifestyle. Outlaws against the norms and expectations of society–including the free love and drug-infused hippie culture of the 60s and 70s that influenced the surf scene.

We were still upper crest but bohemian. That didn’t mean we couldn’t get dirty, but we lived clean.

Did that put us in conflict with other surfers and groups? Yep.

What about the idea of a vampyre not killing? Where do you think a certain someone heard about “vegetarian” vampires from? She can deny it all she wants. The cellular structure of the changes they made are unraveling. The truth about the books and entire situation will be made public by “the system” soon.

Taoism is a human belief structure and religion. As I am not human, it is not a religion I subscribe to. It is simply the closest example I can point to in order to best highlight some of my beliefs.

For me, this is just part of surf life.