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Another connection to Eve, in my novels, may be in the Tahitian Goddess, Oviri (Oviri-moe-aihere). Despite the name sounding like “ovary,” Oviri is the goddess of death and mourning (like Kali). Some of her depictions were in volcanic rock (a tie to Venus/Eve in Pompeii). Her statuary is seen standing on a she-wolf (a name that Lupa is said to go by and may be tied to Eve as she evolves into the spouse and queen of Adon). In her hand she clutches a wolf pup. Similar imagery can be found in SE Asia.

Interestingly, the figure above is also wearing a belt (or girdle). Since the sculpture is tied to wolves, could it be the same belt that was rumored to turn men into werewolves? With her links to Lupa the she-wolf, was this the key to Eve’s transformation?

Even the name of Gauguin’s mistress seems to point to a link with Hera (and Eve)-TeHura. And one of Gauguin’s works, instead of sounding native, is called “Madame Death.” That is a title we have seen consistent with the use of “Lady” in other areas associated with Eve and her various faces.

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