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When I was attending Oak Harbor Middle School, the vice principal was convinced my name was Michelle. I figured this was because my friend Mick also thought that is what my name was.However, in looking back, there may be more to it. I can’t ask Mick because he was attacked years ago and suffered a brain injury.

My great-grandmother, Audrey Lindsay, attended my high school graduation reception in June 1992. She mentioned to my great-aunt Carole that I someone looked like me and then commented, “but she’s Dutch.” I had no idea what they were talking about, but it was not the first time I had been around odd discussions concerning people resembling me.  After Jesse died on December 20, 1990, we moved back to Nevada. This time we moved to Reno. I am guessing we moved around the beginning of January 1991 as there was still snow on the ground.

At the time, my step-father had an apartment near Wooster High so I started school there. Since I was 17, I had hoped to just take over the lease on the apartment he had. I had only been attending Wooster for about a week when I got called down to the office. The counselor wanted to meet with me. When I walked into her office, there was another adult woman there. I figured she was a teacher so I didn’t ask any questions. Also there was a blonde female student, who was about my height and size if not just 2-3 inches taller. The counselor wanted me to show her around school. I thought this was odd since I was brand new myself. Even stranger were the comments the two women made. The mysterious woman in the room said something to the effect of, “they could at least pass as cousins.” And as I left the office, the counselor told the other girl to “do everything she does.”

Fortunately, I decided not to rent my step-dad’s apartment and I transferred to McQueen. Not that transferring was easy. The counselor at McQueen questioned repeatedly why I wanted to transfer there and warned me that students from Wooster might find the school too challenging. I reminded her that I had only been at Wooster for two week, I was still a minor, my parents lived in NW Reno, and I was zoned for McQueen. She finally relented.

Around 2003/2004, my chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Grant, in Lacey, WA called me late at night to ask if I had been at a concert he just attended. I said no. He told me that he saw a woman who could have been my twin and had to call to see if it was me. I looked up Dr. Grant and could not find him in Lacey. However, there was a Jeff Grant in Florida who also had a daughter named Cole but his bio said he was Canadian, a musician, and his daughter was much younger than Cole would be.

Another time, I was sitting in an off-site office lunch with an Workers’ Compensation attorney who worked on some of our business cases. He remarked to his assistant how I looked amazingly like an associate of theirs. The woman’s name might have been Beth or Becky. The only remark he made was that she had a rounder face and was heavier than me. He even asked if I knew the woman–which I did not.

Around 2012, I went to a Chevrona Halloween Concert. I was dressed as an old hag/classic witch. A painfully thin, waif of a woman came to stand next to us. She was dressed as a witch also but in pinks and a bit more of a Calavera in her make-up–if I am remembering correctly. She refused to move. Her date was very handsome–a Prince Charming type physically–but seemed distressed over her actions. Even when it was just me and my date standing together, this woman simply refused to leave our side but never said a word or even acknowledged us.

The following year, we were going through a local haunted house when one of the “Zombie” actors came over and licked my face. I was pregnant at the time and not wanting to get into a fight. I pushed his face away and he socked me in my back and called me a “bitch”–it was not terribly hard but he meant it.  As we walked away, I heard a female (unseen) ask who had reacted–me or the man I was with–and he said “she did.”

At a facial appointment, the receptionist called me Christine and acted as though she recognized me. It was the only time she ever called me that but I wondered if my Mimic/Doppleganger was using that name.

Over the years, I had noticed that it seemed as though people were paying close attention to me. This increased in 2018 to strangers making comments about my purchases and even taking photos of me. I equated this with what many call “Gangstalking.”

Over the last year, I have received a number of calls for a “Toni” and “Nick” to refinance their home. Those finally trailed off as I blocked the numbers.

More recently, while searching for my name online, I came across an obituary comment/post that I never made. It looks like the male was living in Belgium. Part of my family is from Belgium but I had no active contact with any of them.

Regardless, once I saw the comment, I immediately posted that it had not been from me. It was also written in German instead of Belgian, French, Flemish, or even English.

Within my story, I have a vague memory of an adult American female speaking to me on the astral plane and demanding that I tell them what to write–what “my kind” would normally say. I told her that I no longer had to help them and wouldn’t. Somehow her demands became threats. I am sure I would have included a tip-off of some kind unless they were threatening to kill or hurt someone. Clearly she had no ties to real people of my “kinds” or family–otherwise they would have informed her as to what to say without ever contacting me.

Obviously there is a person, or group of people, tied to Germany/Europe that are benefiting from my money, name, identity, or ties to me.

They are not me. Nor are they vampyre, werewolves, or even blood witches. They are human, hybrid, cloned, and alien parasites.

They are imposters.