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Maven of the Eventide

This story actually begins in Los Angeles. There was a witch (possibly vampyre, possibly shapeshifter) named William. He was smitten with a younger girl whose father or uncle, I can’t remember, was somehow involved in Hollywood.

Wait, this story begins before that. Prior to my ex-communication, William gifted me an axe and a print. He re-gifted the axe to the human he married and made her pose similar to a photo he took of me. Then he re-gifted the print to this young human female. This fact alone should be confirmation enough that I know that mutual aquaintance, that the print was originally mine, and that I am telling the truth.

This news is also not new to her as I made it known to her via Twitter a couple of years ago.

Through this association with William, she came to have the erroneous impression that we, as a vampyre community, would enjoy or be accepting of the idiocy of her social media. This is a mockery of Romania and Hungary, as well as vampyre. I do not care that she was a theater major or what liberties she feels entitled to. She is not.

Nor was William in any position to authorize this content.

She is reviewing vampire books written by humans and their hunter lines, so her work will likely be enjoyed by humans, hybrids, and clones as they are…human.

Everything about her masquerading as a vampire and this channel is disgusting.