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Night With A Vampire

Video of what happened to me in the ’90s (and even earlier) still exists to this day. It was brutal and criminal. No consent was ever given.

Some even mocked those events.

This particular video mocked and re-enacted a statement videotaped to my kind that would relinquish my authority, power , and titles. It was absolutely under duress and threat (as seen here) and I completely recant those statements and any authority or other bestowments given to others within that or similar statements.

Vampyr Theatre

And there are those who have heard of  what happened or seen the video. Others have also seen my legitimate acting–which was hidden away or erased. What is still on the black market–the photographs and videos of the threats and assaults against me–was not acting. Members of my entire kinds were being threatened and killed. Those that did so were not advanced or brilliant. It was a hustle and series of actions against a child that were meant to keep me off balance to take my power and money.

Some people must have a lot of faith in that play…

There were also “look-alikes” who were doing and saying horrific things while pretending to be me. It is one of the reasons that I got tattoos.