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Little Red Book

The witch text used by humans differs from that of supernatural (borne) witches. Some will claim that the little red book is the book of witchcraft that was written by Kathryn Paulsen. It is not. At least not for us. My red book was stolen by a human. It is useless for them. The spells will not work. In fact, now that I am awake, it will appear in a language that no human can read. And the book will “chew” through their person and their associates until it is returned to me.

While living with my father at 7, I started some of my formal study in our craft. There was a coven in Carson City that was started for me, but I left my study when I moved from his house at 8. I returned to my studies when I was 17 and moved back to Reno. The Carson City Coven should have never included humans but for numbers it “had to” or would not have had enough girls to make an actual coven. I eventually broke from that coven and started three of my own to become a witch queen prior to being called before council.