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The Blood Milk

There is a biology to the production of milk that requires a great deal of blood. While milk producers and dairy farms would like to reassure the public that there isn’t blood or other “impurities” in milk (regardless of species), it is almost impossible to guarantee since blood would even be present at a microscopic level.

So why do vampyres refer to blood as milk? Some call it milk (the milk) or blood milk (milk blood) for the obvious reason that humans are referred to as cows or cattle by vampyres.

But few know that it goes back even further in history–all the way back to the first humans. Students of the human Christian Bible and Judaic tomes will recognize that there were several attempts to create a mate for Adam.

As many know already, Lilith (once known as Eva/Ava, meaning “like a bird”) was his original mate and she left him for Samael/Azrael. The relationship between Lilith and Samael/Azrael was very passionate and vampyric.  How this came to be involves a different story of Samael/Azrael’s descent into the underworld but that will be written at another time. Regardless of reason, it came to be that the two fed off of one another for sustenance and sexual bonding. This, in turn, strengthened their psychic and soul bond in a way that it would for no other couple throughout history.

This left Adam quite jealous.

So when he discovered the female that was to be called Eve, he also asked that he be able to drink from her neck. Adam was not vampyric so God made some modifications to Eve. This can be seen in some folk art of Adam and Eve.

Since Adam and Eve were having so many children, Adam could regularly take his milk from Eve’s neck. It took many eons for God to finally make changes to Eve’s body as she wanted to look more like Eva/Ava, who had since come to be known as Lilith or Ardat Lili or Lillita (you will notice what will become Eve’s “Lolita”). And note that some believe Lilith’s daughters were known as Lily, Ardat Lilit, Lilit, Lilitu, etc. These are all names for the original Lilith. Different tribes and people related to her in various ways and would abbreviate or make her name more formal/informal depending on their relationship with her.

So the story goes on. Once Adam was no longer able to draw milk from the neck of Eve, he began to have his children mock Lilith and Samael/Azrael for their ways. To the children of Adam and Eve, it was more normal to suckle only from the breast so why would Samael and Lillith continue such barbaric rites? They explained that they were fallen angels, like gods, and so their ways were of the blood. To this, the children of Adam and Eve began to take animals and each other as sacrifices and declared themselves gods for they controlled life and death just as Samael/Azrael once did.

Adam responded with great care but fear and told his children that they were not gods but, in seeing the reaction of Samael/Azrael and Lilith to the slaughter of animals and other humans, that the sacrifices were for their god and they would be shown much favor for their actions.

As anthropological research shows, many of these sacrifices happened in one of several ways: by fire, slitting of the throat, drowning, or suffocation/strangulation. As high priestess to the wolf magician Adam, Eve herself often performed these rituals. And as Eve evolved through the ages to take on various names as queen and minor goddesses, one of her epithets was “the clasper,” or “the strangler.”

To justify the fervor in which Eve took her descendant’s lives, she would look for “signs” among the humans to denote that they were of an unfavorable line, meaning the vampyre young actually of Samael/Azrael and Lilith or were the “demon” werewolves created of Adam and Lilith. Then there were those humans who had been possessed. It was this “possession” that Eve blamed on Lilith as the tale had been told of Lilith not only creating her own demons with Adam to be destroyed but also that Lilith would target the true children of Adam and Eve who had won so much good favor of God and did not roam the earth as horrific creatures.

The children of Adam and Eve would target the line of Samael/Azrael and Lilith. They felt justified in ridding the planet of those that God detested-the fallen. Though Adam himself was of the fallen, Eve would often say that she was made of the earth and had God’s grace regardless of what Adam had done but that Samael/Azrael and Lilith continued to be disgusting in the eyes of God. Eve would tell them that because she was of the earth and made of the earth, the earth was hers for dominion and success. All the bounty of the earth-including that of the fallen-was to be theirs by whatever means necessary. She and her children would try to goad the children of Samael/Azrael and Lilith (the children of the “shine”) to have to move and roam, enter into needless battles to ultimately lose their lives or land or take their own lives. Eve’s children were set on the elimination and destruction of those they deemed not of this earth and would do all they could to thwart their progress and success. They would tell them to find their way back to the kingdom of heaven and await their success there. “And if you cannot find your honor in heaven,” they would say, “then may you find your peace in hell.”

For their part, the children of the “shine” would retort to those of Eve and say, “you are as common as the cattle. How are we to tell you apart? You mate with your mother just as with your sister and as, therefore,  with your daughter who is then called “wife.” So many are your herd who sit idle. Are we to yoke you as oxen to till our lands or pull our carts? You spend your days mocking and mimicking us as the magpie to the crow. Demon seed we may be, but is that not glassed gaze to the angel? We praise our mother and father that we were not born of the earth. For you are lambs and goats to slaughter by but another name.”