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Arthur & Authari

There is nothing that states Authari, Arthur, and even Artorius could not have been the same person or the same source for pieces of the Athurian legends.

  • Arthur and Authari are said to have ruled around the same time (6th century).
  • Both were murdered. Authari was poisoned.
  • Of course, there is the obvious name similarity.
  • The Lombard people eventually separated into small groups led by Dukes. There is no historical record about them for hundreds of years. Who is to say one or more of the Dukes, including Authari, had not made it to the British Isles at some point.
  • Many fairy tales have their origins in Italy and were later adapted, printed, or retold in other regions. There is growing support for the theory that the Legend of King Arthur is actually Italian in origin or at least that the cast of characters was.While not specific to Authari, it would hint at a possible connection.

Arthurian legends through an Italian lens can be found in the book below.