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The exact etymology of “werewolf” is unknown. Some believe it is derived from were (like Vere) meaning “man” and wolf.

However, I do not see German as the origin of supernatural words and would always try to take the etymology to Dutch or see if there are alternate meanings from the islands.

With “werewolf,” I believe that the origin of the kind and the term used for them is of the ocean. That is where the seaweed origin comes from.

When I was able to transform into my mer self, I used to prefer the kelp and seaweed forests if not in the realm or near shore.

So if borrowed from West Frisian, what does the word mean?

The real or true wolf–as opposed to wolves as slang for prostitute/player or a witch who has used a girdle/amulet/item to transform.

Or meaning, “of the wolf”

With that translation, de Vere would have become “of whom Vere.” This particularly translation would be “of whom whom.” Others would mean “Of man.” Finally, another meaning would be they are the human line of “those that see.”