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Mormons & the Catholic Church

At the outset, the LDS Church (Mormons) and Catholic Church may seem like odd bedfellows. Nicholas de Vere felt it was the Catholic Church that had set out to destroy the descendants of the serpent line (Biblical line of Jesus and Mary Magdalene). Since Joseph Smith and Brigham Young wanted to prove their own ties to this line, doesn’t this mean the Catholic Church would want to destroy them also? In one sense, yes. However, it must be remembered that despite their bloodlines, the Mormon Merovingians were not true Royal Merovingians or of the Royal Vampiric line. This means they lacked supernatural abilities and, therefore, were of a human line. As I write in Gold ‘n Silver, their lack of supernatural abilities causes members of the Mormon Church to experiment on known vampyre and werewolves for longevity, disease prevention and the possible creation of clones or hybrids to then claim that Merovingian line. The truth about the experimentation leads to me adn others creating the Vreal (Real Lines)/also called Vril.

But, when it comes down to it, the union of the Mormon and Catholic Churches has less to do with ideology than it does power and money. Aside from the Church of England and Seventh Day Adventists, the Mormon and Catholic Churches hold considerable fortunes and investments. The Mormon Church also counts quite a few multi-billionaires among their ranks.

Besides, if the Vatican’s true intention is to eliminate the serpent line or create a new theocracy and they can ultimately control or oversee this experimentation process while exterminating the true bloodline, isn’t that a win for both of them?