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Nicole Anstedt-Vampire

Nicole Anstedt the Vampire.

As a known vampyre and high priestess/witch queen, events and relationships from my past were used as inspiration for a number of popular, unauthorized works.

My name, nickname, and family names even appear in many of the creations–as do those of my friends from long ago and family. While many have been vampire related, others have not. There have been major motion pictures in a number of genres, as well as television series that none would assume or guess were all tied to one person/people or non-humans. Few knew of my being a werewolf, mermaid, and goddess. Those that did also chose to exploit that knowledge.

The government took photos proving I am a werewolf, but there is still one that shows me in the midst of a change. Others have photos of me turning and even levitating. I was exploited and harmed in numerous ways by these people and the proof, along with the truth, is out there.

At least one famous series was penned by me and the manuscript is partially written in my blood. It has my name written in it and also has my finger prints on it. While I cannot legally make these assertions in greater detail, I have included information throughout my site to help readers draw their own conclusions or research further.

It is my hope that these authors and creators will come forward to admit their theft of my stories and our histories.