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I went to school in Oak Harbor with a girl named Shani. I knew a few males named  Shaun–in fact it was a Shaun who I believe brought this hustling, disaster of a woman into our sphere and a Shawn who encountered her at a football game. I also knew a Chauncee, and at least one female named Shauni/Shaunee.

How I do wish authors and others would be more honest about their character development and the origins of their stories. Far fewer would be cursed for their lies, greed, and false attributions.

My name is Nicole. As documented in letters, a yearbook, and a “dog” tag from when I was younger, one of my nicknames was Zoey.  I am a vampyre. Am I just a vampyre? No. I am a non-human multi-kind. I was not cross-bred or in any way manufactured. I simply am.

Also, I am the embodiment of the goddess, Aphrodite (among others). 

Erin was Steve’s girlfriend and they lived in Reno when I was in high school. Both Erin and I were a part of Junior Achievement while I was briefly attending Wooster High. Erik is the Vampyre name for William. He would be featured in quite a few vampire novels from the lying, thieving, Ministry of Thieves and Liars that he chose, in some part, to associate with.