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Aphrodite & Persephone

In my novels, it is my assertion that Eve is Persephone via the mortal maiden, Kore. Eve/Persephone and Lilith/Aphrodite both fall in love with the same mortal–Adon(is)/Adam. In one poem Aphrodite is blamed for the death of Adonis, as is Ares, but in another poem it is quite plainly described that the person who killed Adonis was Artemis, when she became angry over his relationship with Aphrodite and failure to worship her. I further assert that these “virginal” goddesses (Persephone, Artemis, Athena, Hestia, etc.) are all the accursed Eve. Why else does Adam disappear from the Bible? It is said that he has a burial spot and date of death, whereas Eve does not.  Yet, Eve is supposed to be a mortal also and cursed by God. It is my argument that she attacks Lilith and uses her energy as a goddess to continually renew, under the guise of also being Demeter. But Eve does not bring the bounty or abundance, she brings death, decay, and destruction. Which, seen in their converse (mirror) are part of the life-cycle. However, that does not stop her from scheming or trying to be a Queen/God and change fates with Lilith/Aphrodite. But Eve is and always will be MORTAL.

Just as Artemis is said to have murdered Adonis, so Hestia is sometimes known as “the strangler.”

It is for that reason that God is said to have locked her away in a temple to devote herself to being a nun.

Clearly she got out.