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Adan Adam

And this brings me to my theory and story in The Goddess Aped-Adam, Samael and Lilith are fallen angels.

Adan was actually originally the embodiment of a god named Adonis (Adon/Adan) (child of Adonai). Lilith was the embodiment of Astarte/Aphrodite and divine. Initially, Samael showed no romantic interest in Astarte/Aphrodite/Lilith so it was Adon that was chosen as her mate. However, Adon and Lilith were not getting along. Hearing their arguments and seeing Lilith’s true nature made Samael fall madly in love with her. And Lilith was tempted away by Samael.
Essentially, Adon just wanted to make Lilith jealous so she would leave Samael.
As an angel, Samael was a divine being and since Adon was the selected mate of Lilith, Samael had been chosen by God to be ruler over the material realm that would eventually include mortals. With Lilith, Samael would now have both.

The story of Eve’s creation is more contentious. It is the theory in my book that she was a creation of divine magic at the suggestion (was-was) of the third angel. She was the golem, made of clay.

Whether Adon was tricked into making her (via suggestion) or did so purposefully, the stories do not say. However, remember that third angel is intent on becoming the Queen of Heaven and the angel is also eventually cast from the heavens.

Some say Eve was a human or human-hybrid and possibly born of a union between Adon and another creature. Or perhaps bitten by either Samael or Lilith (what some scholars call her assault or rape). The writers of the Bible wanted to make it clear that Eve had set upon her own destruction. She was the only non-divine being and could have easily been persuaded by that third angel to try to make herself like the former angels.
These pages and my story will evolve as my memories return, but Eve essentially appeared out of nowhere. Some believe she was the result of Adam transforming another creature or even a tree, but my belief is that it is more likely she is be extra-terrestrial and from another world/dimension, just as the three angels are, and so she considers herself their equal.

In any event, God knew she was not divinely created and seeing that Eve was an outrage. If these angelic beings wanted to be beasts, then they would be.
Samael was to lose his position as ruler of the material realm to Adon. Seeing this as a slight and beneath him as Lilith’s chosen mate, Samael refused and because Adon could not make Samael submit, god threatened to destroy Adon. Seeing that this would make Lilith remoreseful and put his relationship with her at risk, Samael orchestrated a revolt in the heavens by some of the other angels to distract god but to also show that he still held the power of his right hand. This revolt was, of course, aided by the third angel who spread rumors and started discontent that had nothing to do with the lover’s quarrels happening elsewhere.

As beings who were no longer completely divine, none of the descended angels could return to the heavens. For his wisdom to protect his wife at all cost, Samael became a cambion-part angel/demon and part serpent-an original vampyre.

For his passion for Lilith, Adon would be a cambion as well-part angel/demon and part wolf.

Lilith, for her part in being unable to truly decide between the two, would be made into a different type of cambion. She would carry a tri-line as wolf and vampyre but also be given the knowledge of Adon and be a powerful mage and seer in her own right.
All three would remain of a semi-divine nature as gods and goddesses of this plane.

As you will recall, vampyre and werewolves are considered to be of fallen angels. Jesus and/or Mary Magdalene being of Lilith’s line would also explain their magical ability.

And so as time goes on, the name of Eve changes. Her story is outlined elsewhere but she comes to also be associated with “clasping” (hugging), but also “strangling” and it is believed that she was responsible for Adam’s death as, in the Bible, he is noted as dying but Eve is not.
In my books, there are a few things going on here. First, there is gender fluidity. Historically, there are bearded goddesses and Queens calling themselves Osiris. It is just as likely that Adam re-invented himself as a female or dual-God. Adam is also the king of all men and of the earth so his name is continually changing. Finally, Adam is literally a werewolf and somewhat ostracized from the humans since he is blamed for their fall.