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Anukhet & Hestia

“She who strangles.”

I also find it interesting that, as noted by H.W. Cartwright, the number of feathers in the crown/headdress of Anukhet varies. Typically the number would have significance. The fact that it does not in her depictions also undermines the importance of the feathers and even her crown-as though it is more decorative and does not need to be precise.

Given similarities between Hestia, Anukhet and Artemis, the three are depicted in my book as human. All three are virginal, tied to powerful male gods and have relatively minor powers/responsibilities given their supposed status.

My assertion is that both Anukhet and Hestia are not only the same person or equivalent, as mentioned in the Anukhet video, but were also human. This is supported by the research of Mike Kajava. Kajava found almost no temples, practices of worship or priesthoods relating to Hestia. What was found was the title of Hestia being given to human females in Roman Sparta.

An interesting epithet for Hestia is “Green,” or “Verdant.” It makes me wonder what her ties are to Gale Galas/Glass, and also to more impish “fae” like the leprechauns. Could these just have been small humanoid creatures and not part of the fae at all?