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Betrayal of Jesus

Peter, Paul, and Judas.
So what of Andrew?

Why Andrew? While Andrew was the first of the apostles but also Peter’s brother. Peter turned his back on Jesus so the actions of Andrew may have been similar. We know that Paul also turned his back on Jesus but continued his own ministry.Why does this matter? Don’t we know it was Judas? The Biblical cannon specifies it was Judas but not the reason. The story of Judas, in some respects, makes no sense. Yes, he is said to be a thief but no one is threatening to have him arrested. So why is he chosen/or chooses to betray Jesus? And did he actually? Maybe it is that he actually discovered something or realized he had been used?

But if I were writing this as fiction, I would probably think the one who betrayed Jesus was the one who did not die a gruesome death and that would be-John. John is also distinct because it is said that he is the one Mary went to live with after Jesus died. John also is present at the crucifixion and resurrection.