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Nicole Anstedt

Extended Biography

Nicole Anstedt is a scholar of supernatural history and lore. Her novels explore the magical world she grew up in, as well as her love for mythology, the sea, surf, and surf culture.

Said to be the daughter of a vampyre mother and werewolf father, Nicole knew from a young age that she had been born with special abilities. Her affinity for the sea led her to discover that she was also part mermaid.

Growing up on the West Coast, she developed her love for surfing, sailing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, and tennis, which she continues to pursue. After graduating from high school in Reno, she went on to study at Fairhaven College in Bellingham, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Her first novel, Witch of Whidbey, was a huge success, blending together the traditions of witchcraft and sorcery with the everyday lives of the characters. Her next novel, NVVN, explored the complicated relationships between vampires, werewolves, and humans, while her third novel, Blood Moon Surf, drew on her own experiences as a surfer to create a compelling story of love and adventure.

Nicole is also a renowned poet, photographer, and entrepreneur, with a deep passion for fashion, music, and travel. Her book blog, Baba Yaga’s Book Club, and her various websites have become popular with readers of all kinds

As the owner of Blood Moon Surf, Howlie Boards, Battle Born Skate, MerMama, West Coast Sosh, and Snow Pack Ski and Snowboard, Nicole has established herself as one of the most innovative and visionary businesswomen of her time. Her brands are celebrated for their unique style, quality, and creativity, and they have become the go-to choice for action sports and West Coast Culture enthusiasts all over the world. 

In addition to her success as an author and business owner, Nicole also became known for her unique philosophy of life, which she called “Flowosophy”. Not to be confused with the 2018 podcast of the same name, this philosophy is based on her own experiences with surf and snow, Flowosophy emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment and allowing oneself to flow with the rhythms of the natural world. This philosophy is the foundation for much of her work, including her books, magick, photography, and brands. The balance of Flowosophy carries over into Nicole’s physical and emotional health as well. She remains committed to health, fitness, and beauty, using her success to promote positive and healthy lifestyles. Like her brands and lifestyle, Flowosophy is firmly rooted in the surf life ethos and California Chill.

Nicole’s path to success has had many challenges. Her powers and abilities attracted the attention of unscrupulous individuals who sought to steal her stories, gifts, talents, abilities, history, identity, accomplishments, relationships, titles, and property or dismiss her as delusional. They even wanted her memories and place as a supernatural being. As her counselor once said, “they took everything from you.” These same people would be the source of many personal losses for Nicole at a young age. She eventually also lost her covens and the distinction of being a high priestess/witch queen and was shamed by the communities she once held dear.

Forced to live among humans and endure their ignorance and fear of her kinds, she longs to be reunited with her supernatural friends, family, and world once again. Although unsure who she could trust, she also misses the family she had of surfers, snowboarders, and skaters who had once been a huge part of her community.

The details of her extraordinary life have been the inspiration for many famous books, movies, and television series. These have all been unauthorized and Nicole remains determined to reclaim what was stolen from her and receive recognition and compensation for her stories and work. 

Deeply connected to both her supernatural and West Coast roots, Nicole is a true goddess of the sea. She also fully embraces her vampyre, witch, and werewolf abilities, using them to help others and protect those she loves.

With a loyal following of fans who look to her as a symbol of strength, grace, and beauty, she continues to inspire others with her many accomplishments and her unwavering dedication to her family, her community, and the natural world. Throughout her life, Nicole has remained a purveyor of stoke, sharing her passion for life and adventure with everyone she meets.