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Palm Blood

What comes to mind when one thinks of Palm Blood?

Stigmata perhaps. But what other mystical activity is done on the palm? Perhaps it is a symbol of the palm reader and divination arts? Remember, Jesus had foresight. He told his disciples what was about to happen. This is not to say he knew exactly what would befall him, but he had been given some indication of an impending betrayal. Could his sight have been blurred or weakened by a magician or coven of magicians to distort or disguise what was to come? Could it have been the apostles of Jesus (essentially his coven) that were the closest of his enemies or were they also pawns in someone else’s game?

In 1991, a woman who was threatening me wanted my hands. She was not clear if they were to be trophies like those taken from gorillas (and humans) or used for her own devices. Regardless, the answer was and is no. It amazes me that there are people who still believe themselves capable of cruelty beyond those of fellow people. When in danger or if their family is threatened, anyone can become as ruthless and maniacal as the most callous of killers. Still, I was 17 and among those I loved and was told I was responsible for. No adults stepped in. My friends were either dying, running, or on the other side.  I felt that I alone had to maneuver through a host of people like this to try to save the kindred.


So that brings me to perhaps a third meaning in Palm Blood–seeing the bloodlines in the palm. Perhaps Larry Talbot was not so much cursed as activated in a manner to which no one in his family had bothered to mention. There are some versions of “Wolfman” in which his father is also a werewolf and simply never told him.

In research, I find the “stigmata” tied to the Holyrood (Holy Rod and perhaps true precursor to origins of Hollywood) and that the “stigmata” as being found in a special casket. This, coupled with mention of the V-shape, might lead one to consider it to be a vampyre.

The animal head, though not described, along with the crescent might be indicative of the werewolf.

In humans, the question is whether the stigmata represents the line of Jesus or the lines of his murderers?