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Copy Cats-Cont.

Fortunately, Witch of Whidbey was copyrighted in 2019 and was registered with the Writer’s Guild in 2013.

This writer even used the names (first name) Dutch and (last name) Morgan.

Dutch Morgan is a character in my Mack Morgan series. And she has a fisherman who gives magical advice.

That is literally in my copyrighted material.

As of December 2022, her September 2022 book is not copyrighted.

Spells for Forgetting is not currently copyrighted.

As I have said before, NONE of my stories or life events are to be used by others. Authorization and permission is NOT granted.

Many tried, took their money, and ran. They never left the woods. Their actions will catch-up with them.

A certain famous manuscript half written in blood was my blood and my thumb prints.

Each of these other projects based on my story and life events or related to such is cursed and not simply by me. Covenants were reached and broken. There are ramifications. Many received those covenants as the result of intimidation, violence, manipulation, coercion, deception, etc. Those covenants are all, completely, and forever null and void as they must be entered into freely and by choice (meaning in concert with the will of the parties involved). Said covenants were not entered into freely. Any fame, fortune, wealth, status, property, title, talent, story, idea, product, power, or ability gained as such is revoked and reversed back to the original (true) source/owner.

Humans have NO authorization or permission to fictionalize or otherwise document, rework, or touch upon the events of my life or my likeness for their own creative/non-fiction works or gain. Neither do hybrids or my kinds. We are aware of the processes involved. Being a storyteller is an exalted position based on lineage. Each of us has a fate–a place and a role. I am the teller of my tales.

They have been warned numerous times and will receive NOTHING but failure.