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Based On A True Story

All of my books have some element of truth to them. In fact, the Gold ‘n Silver and Goddess Aped series are fictionalized accounts of my life.

There is one extremely successful series that was actually written by me (the manuscript partially written in my blood) and large number of others based on my life or origins. These were unauthorized and at least two involved threats to my life or the lives of others.

Rare covers, photos of me, and art pieces were also used or given to collections under threat. And the series I wrote for someone else was done under the threat of death. Exploitative videos were made of me for the profit of others. I was brutalized and stolen from by greedy humans, hybrids, and others of my kind.

Even now there are authors trying to take ideas, theories, plot lines, and cover concepts from me. Nope. These people are so accustomed to coming to the trough that they failed to realize they are slaughtering pigs.

At some point, in the very near future, all of this will be revealed by those authors/people involved and it will never happen again.

Have there been other vampire, werewolf, witch, etc. novels based on true events or real people? According to the authors, yes.