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Vampire Theater

These individuals were human and not my friends or allies.

However, they did spoof an event that happened to me. Unlike the actress, I did not walk away laughing.

A male coerced me into making a videotaped statement giving up my authority and power under threat of death and harm to others.

We were forced to leave Nevada within a year of my graduation in June 1992. We left in May 1993.

I hereby rescind all abdication of power, blessings, gifts, traits, affiliations, and authority previously given to others throughout my lifetimes.

I call attention to the physical, sexual, ritual, emotional, psychological, and psychic abuse perpetrated against me as a child, teenager, and adult. What was done to me in the name of power, belongings, status, titles, etc. is and was forbidden. I also draw attention to the theft any of my money, property, titles, power, abilities, skills, talents, status, societies, documented lineage, photographs,identity,  histories, destinies, illegal accessing and harnessing of energy, thoughts, dreams, impulses, ideas, creations, embryos, eggs, genetic materials, DNA, etc. These were done without permission, without authorization, under coercion, and without means of documentation or recourse.

Psychic vampirism upon our kinds is to stop immediately, as is all sanguine feeding to humans or those not of our kind.

Curses, hexes, demons, karma, disease, and original sin are to be removed from me and all of our kinds that are not human. Those are all human afflictions. However, we are unable to alter the human part of the human-hybrid. That is a covenant. Nor are we able to fully turn a clone as their original cell structure was human.

Information about our kinds is to no longer be given to humans outside of a fictional setting. That creation of fictional information will only be by our kinds. Humans and others are not to be given current, factual information about our kinds.

All that was taken from me and my kinds is to be returned. Any documentation of those past events is to cease distribution. Any monetary gain made from distribution of material relating to us or intellectual property derived from me or my kinds will be paid to the respective injured party from which the material was taken and will be paid in full, with interest. All documentation (via any medium) of abuse or harm of me and any other kindred will be handed over to the proper authorities of our kinds and the humans/others for protected processing and pressing of charges to the full extent of the law. That evidence is then to be fully turned over to the royal vampyre (or myself) to be documented in our logs and then destroyed. Our likeness in any compromising position that would cause harm or humiliation to our kinds is never to be distributed by humans or seen by humans or ANY of those not of our kind EVER again.

All birthrights and reproductive abilities/rights of me and my kinds are to be restored in full. Anything taken from us is to be returned immediately and in original condition–including property, thoughts, belongings, photos, images, lifespans, fates, destinies,young, youth, longevity, restorative abilities, physical features, relationships, friendships, family members, titles, powers, abilities, talents, physical features, physical abilities, emotional/psychological/psychic abilities, history, skills, reputations, positions, societies, degrees, training, inheritances, money, accounts, our ability to transform, our original cells/DNA, our senses,  our communication, funds, trusts, paintings, art, commercial ventures, businesses, stocks and bonds, records, documentation, safety, protection, lineage, lines and rights of succession, etc.

Any and all continued intimidation, abuse, intellectual property theft, theft of money or inheritances or property, assuming identity or personage of me or our kinds, all observation, experimentation, etc. is forbidden, prohibited, and is to stop immediately. The lies that were told will no longer be tolerated or continued. Those planetary/dimensional exiles or others from different systems who are invasive or hostile to me and/or the kindred are to return to their places of origins immediately. All experimentation on me and the kindred is to cease immediately–including any astral experimentation or that done by other dimensions, sleep, time travel, or consciousness access. Harm done during those procedures will be corrected and healed immediately. Any implants in me or any of our kinds will be removed and cease operations immediately, as will any persuasion, compulsion, impulse override or power of suggestion over our kinds/to our kinds (including me and my family) by any and all groups and individuals of any kinds. Any events changed by time travel or the forced altering of history will be restored, as will all birthrights and original fates. Body shifting and Body snatching will cease and all souls will be returned to their vessels of origin if still living. All power and protection are to be restored immediately. Any involvement, voluntary or involuntary, in government, military or private paramilitary organizations, agencies, and projects are to stop immediately. All of our health is to be restored per our rights as sovereign beings. Until then, those individuals involved in violence against me/my kinds, perpetuating or planning further violence, assaults, or abuses and those responsible for the thefts listed above are hereby cursed.

We are not your slaves. We are not your power sources or sacrifices. We are not beholden to you. We are not the visitors in this situation.

Outside of our chosen and voluntary creative endeavors, we are not to be observed for your entertainment or used for your enjoyment.

We are sovereign.