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Copper is a prized conduit for energy and water. It is mined all over the world, but believed to have been first found and mined on Cyprus.

The metal is also associated with the Goddess Aphrodite and one of the reasons I was born, and have stayed, on the West Coast.

A vast majority of the copper stores in the United States can be found in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, and Nevada.

Many of these same states have low mold concentrations but Nevada is the driest among them. So, when the ancient history was combined with copper stores and dry climate, Nevada was the obvious choice.

The map of world copper supplies also matches my theory of the Atlantean dispersion and where former Atlanteans are trying to return to.

While not her ideal climate, it would not surprise me if Eve spends time in Arizona. She is not supposed to be in the Western or Northern Hemispheres given our agreement but a few famous, wealthy people from my past now live in Arizona and Eve would want to be around them for their power and money.

Over time, my step-father’s family have lived there and Montana. My grandmother’s sister and her family also moved from Omaha to Denver and then to Phoenix, Arizona.

It is my theory in my book, The Goddess Aped, that Eve is trying to mine and buy-up copper deposits in order to test her theory that it is a source of my energy. And, if it is a source or conduit, for her to have it for herself or to use as a bargaining chip. It would be like Lex Luther trying to buy up any mineral that makes Superman strong, as well as being the source of what makes him weak.

I would be intrigued to see what my energy would be like near the asteroid impact and to map UFO sightings to see if the number correlates to the copper-producing countries.

According to my ancestry analysis, I have strong ties to the Baden area so this would make sense.

In mining, sulfur (sulpher) is found alongside copper. This will be addressed on another page but highlights why Eve would want it and hate it at the same time. Eve desperately wants anti-aging but sulfur is an anti-fungal so it would be lethal to her.

My grandmother and I are sensitive to sulfides. One would make the rational conclusion that we are of Eve since we have the sensitivity. No, but nice try on their part to convince us of that. In fact, while sulfide does contain sulfur, it is also full of metals that most fae species are sensitive to-including iron and nickel.

And while she may crave to be with him, Samael would be like an allergen to her (and vice versa). This would be true for all vampyric species so it would be interesting to see if Eve is able to be around Adan Adam or other werewolves for any extended periods of time.

Other deposits found with copper include turquoise, pyrite and malachite.