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So why would a centaur or satyr want to kill a wolf? It might be traced back to Aphrodite and her rumored relationship with Dionysus- Bacchus.

It is said that while the Minotaur was infatuated with Ariadne, Aphrodite was in love with the Minotaur. As the story goes, Ariadne plots to have the Minotaur killed by Theseus, who is the object of her affection. He passes her over for her sister and leaves her on an island where she is rescued by none other than Aphrodite’s former beau, Dionysus. They fall in love and get married.

However, the Minotaur is dead and so Dionysus is kind of rubbing in the face of Aphrodite that everyone keeps choosing this mortal princess, Ariadne, over her.

Could there be more to the story? At least for the centaurs (and in some art they are satyrs), there is a battle that they engage in and almost every single one is kiled at the hands of…Theseus and his men.