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Kerry O.

When I moved back to Reno in 1991, I had several friend groups. One was the cheerleaders. Among them was a girl who was to become my “best friend.” Her name was Kerry. Her last named started with O. For her to be tied to this story, she would have to confirm part or whole of the following and risk a great deal. She won’t do that, but I will explain why she might still want to. That will require proof on her part, of course.

Kerry and I went to a dance where she hooked up with a vampyre I was seeing. Long story abbreviated, that vampyre wanted her in the Los Angeles area with him. It was agreed that she would temporarily take my place in Orange County. The story of her “life” was shifted to Orange County and she graduated from there. Her family was given a home and money because they could not afford the cost of living.

Her is the catch. That was a loan. Additionally, on a cellular level, she was from Nevada. That means her life is slowly unraveling–including the oil rig “engineer” she was hooked up with via a person I knew who was an oil rig engineer out of New Orleans. That entire life was fabricated–an illusion. The vampyre that assisted them is now too weak to continue to hold back fate. 

As I mentioned, she may want to confirm my story because that is the only way to correct her fate and return to the path had she stayed in Nevada. Unfortunately, humans become comfortable with their lies and the lifestyle those lies afford them. Some even begin to believe the lies. The cellular or atomic reality of the situation is returning–like a rubber band snapping back into place. There is no avoiding or postponing it. All of these people will have already started to see signs of the change. If I am not returned to my proper course, and all that was taken from me also returned, it will only become increasingly miserable for all of them.

This was all illusion. It was against their fate and akashic records. Did any of them really think this would last their full lives? They are not us or our kind. Their fates were chosen before birth. That is the record that stands and must be carried out. Nothing changes that.

In Kerry’s case, I realize she was never my friend. Just another in the long line of mistakes William made. I am no longer cleaning up his messes or paying for them. The money is cut off–forever. He is a hybrid who chose to stay with the human witches. His influence among the vampyre and kindred is gone.

Royal vampyre will tend to the property taken from me so it is returned and restore me to my rightful place. If none remain aside from myself, the “system” will do this automatically.

The threats made by her father against me and mine will be met with the correction of his own fate. He should have been gone a long time ago based on that. Those around him who joined his “witch hunt” will join him in that as well.