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Oasis de Vâdy – Zerzura

So why ZerZura? Is it just to find it? Props as an explorer? Yes, but, of course, there is also a rumored treasure. The story gives lots of Ali Baba vibes, as well as sleeping dragons and Sleeping Beauty. It was first mentioned in the Book of Hidden Pearls by Kitab al Kanuz.

Could it have been a portal or maybe related to La Ciudad Blanca in Honduras?

We know that ZerZura is described as being located between two mountains. So are they just any two mountains or twin mountains?


But we also know it is in a valley. A potential candidate for this location would be the Tibesti Mountains but those are over 1,000 miles away from Haifa. So what about Wadi Halfa in Sudan? Nope. Still over 700 miles. But Selima Oasis is in Sudan so the author was clearly referring to Wadi Halfa in Sudan.

Another clue is that ZerZura is known as the White City and the White Nile runs through Sudan. It also runs through the Congo and in the Congo, the Enya language is related to the Zura language. But none of the mountain ranges immediately stood out as a potential location.

Could Halfa have been moved or the name changed after the Book of Hidden Pearls was written?

Curiously, no one can confirm exactly what ZerZura even means. Some believe it is the “City of Small Birds.” It is said that the entrance is a large gate that has a strange bird above it.