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I was a Val and a surfer. There were younger girls (and their friends) who  loved to follow us around the mall when I would “hop” down to Los Angeles. Some copied my style, my vocabulary, my habits, etc. Apparently others wanted to be me so badly, they tried to copy my voice, my body, my face, etc.

Who would have guessed I became a character for them to make their fortunes off of?


Because they are lame and unfortunately part of human “lines” and “ties” that only saw the relationship as one-way and their means to secure what they were not destined for or entitled to.

Yes, I can prove family names are tied to me genetically (though who is to say if the results are accurate given past events) but they would each have to take an individual test to show anything beyond that–which puts into question anything they have received from Kindred or from having ties to Kindred. So any links or ties I might have to these particular people are unproven and not claimed–regardless of my recollections or memories.

When I was 17 I was horrifically assaulted on multiple occasions and these became videos and photos on the black market. Some mimics went so far as to even copy thatthough theirs was consensual.

And, yes, I can already hear “why would anyone famous and rich want to look like you or copy you? You are delusional.” Maybe. But once people know who I actually am, their attempts at mimicry make complete (albeit dumb) sense.

From a straight nose to how my nose curves to the left. Maybe it is contouring. Whatever the motivation or method, it is ridiculous.

Subpoena the surgeon for the inspiration photos used. Inquire more about this “character” someone was playing. There are rules, people.

Thankfully plastic surgery can only get them so far (same with gene therapy/editing).

As a vampyre who has lived numerous lives in various places, I have myriad accents I can access and use. I still have never “played a character” or changed my face.