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Gothic Surfer

I was goth (gothic) and a surfer.

At 17, I was brutally and repeatedly attacked, assaulted, forced to pose for photos/videos, etc. One of those photos was for a surf shoot under the Santa Monica pier. I can’t remember all of the details but there was an a**hole from Los Angeles who demanded them of me under threat of violence to myself and my friends. He even made one of my friends surf hard into a pylon.

Needless to say, I was surprised to come across this photo on Twitter. It looks IDENTICAL to the outfit, short-board, pose, etc. that I did. I would be very curious to learn where she got the clothes and board, as well as who chose the location and pose. The water was freezing when I was there, but I still had supernatural abilities and could bare the cold without a wetsuit. That has since changed. I am not sure how she is doing it.

I do not know her. She does not look old enough to have been alive when I was 17 so she must know some shady mf who was. My aunt lives in Tennessee so maybe there is a connection.

It does appear that she dropped the Gothic Surfer handle in 2017/2018. My path to awakening started around the same time, though it would take 3 years.

She mentioned free diving, living for surf, and being a surf instructor. I did not see any photos/video of her actually free diving, standing on a board, or catching a wave so I cannot comment on those claims or her as a person other than to say she has had a significant re-brand that does not highlight any surf photos other than “throwbacks.”.

I’ve included her prior and current social media handles so she can receive credit for her modeling/photography.