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Wicca Certification

& Training

Those that know my story are aware that I began my training as a Wiccan. My training started when I was approximately 7 and I was a 3rd Degree High Priestess by the time I was 17. I was also the high priestess of three local Reno/Carson City covens and so, for a brief while, was a witch queen.

However, I was later turned away from Wicca and called a fraud because my powers were considered other worldly or extra-terrestrial rather than witchcraft. I also did not have a strong interest in the religion or ceremonies and practices of Wicca. I preferred using vampyric will.

Later I would study many other forms of magick, but my religion and practice is vampyre.

As for witchcraft, I would say I have an interest and training in the occult and mystical arts. As part of this, I have studied and practiced witchcraft but it is not my primary tradition or path.

Since my cords were later locked up in a museum and my certificates were stolen, I have tried to recoup a fraction of what I lost. This program is available to anyone and is non-initiatory but it is more symbolic for me than anything.