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Royal Dragon Court

I was blocked by Abbe de Vere via her Facebook Royal Dragon Court page.

Her post was about the Congressional testimony acknowledging that aliens are  and other non-humans are real and I made a comment.

Over the last couple of years I had blocked the page due to the contradictory and bizarre statements being made by her and another administrator. I should have kept it that way.

My entire reason for contacting them was to replace a certificate I had received from Nicholas de Vere in 1991 that was stolen from me by a pseudo-witch and her wannabe-werewolf boyfriend so that she could assume my identity. Given that she was a black-haired Latina, I was not sure how she planned to pull that off but my guess is there were some young fake blondes involved.

Anyone actually from Portland would know PDX is a nickname for the city. Being from Washington, I would also know that the rainforest “Kim” is referring to is the Hoh Rainforest. This person is willing to say Olympic Peninsula but not name the state park (Hoh)? As I told them, it was feeling odd and something was not quite right about the things they were saying or questions they were asking.

Then there was her strange stance on witchcraft. Her response to my post is to call me a name (hedgewitch/moonwitch–which is accurate–but not something I had EVER discussed with her or anyone else) and mocked for seemingly having no life. She advocates against the “new agey” but then develops a manifestation journal for those of the “Dragon bloodline?”

I saw they were selling membership levels (gold, silver, bronze)  and then I was told it was a joke. But later they announced that they were offering genealogical services for hire to assist those who believed they were of dragon blood.

The followers do not seem to want to engage in actual discourse or back-up their assertions, but rather argue about details read in books and movies made by other humans or then claim that they themselves are of another race and species. I am not here to prove or disprove their theories, ancestry, lineage, race, species, or identity–unless they are claiming to be me, part of what I went through/my story, or a family member.

Given this person’s rant about the Eucharist and emphasis on the Annunaki instead of Vampyre, made me wonder if any of them had actually read or understood de Vere’s work?

This is perhaps the most powerful of the messages she sent me. The ancient Vere would not reveal themselves, and her father did not share his work with her. Instead of working with her, he chose to work with others. Now this could have been due to her age at the time, but he also did not leave any notes to her specifically (based only on what she said to me). This speaks to me that he knew she was completely human and possibly of a maternal line antagonistic to the elven. Or he just wanted to keep her away from it all, as any who take from me or mine, or dare call what we have produced their own, are cursed. And of all humans, he would know how such a curse would then affect his line. Who is to say?

Vampyre and the Kindred have no need to tie ourselves to human lines. It is always the humans trying to become what we are. Their royalty are a merchant class that convinced us to let them rule over themselves. The lines created were tied loosely to ours. Even the Mormons have tried to prove they are what we are so they can then “suprass” us and rule over us. That will not happen.

Strangely, I have seen two covers for de Vere’s second book. But as any can see, Mr. de Vere was attempting to tie his human line to that of the borne vampyre–specifically the royal vampyre.

That line is MINE.

And, yes, I have blocked her as well.

Having gone through all of that, when this popped up on Google, it was pretty funny and probably predictive.