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Physical Manifestations

Approximately two weeks ago, I developed a strange rash that started to look a bit like a constellation. No one else developed anything similar and there were no signs of mites or bugs. The only possible contributing factor was a sunburn I got.

When I asked someone else, they said it almost looked like part of Orion’s belt. In combination with the story of Orion, I imagine that I (or someone with the belt) is “getting itchy” for something. Of course, for humans, this automatically looks like a medical or skin condition and it very well may be; however, these kinds of manifestations happen with Kindred–particularly witchborne or as messages from witchborne family and familiars.

Christians would liken it to a stigmata as it can also be a sign or message from God.

To me, it looked almost like a star map.

Or even the start of a hurricane whorl pattern.


and possibly a scorpion tail