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Random Roulette

As my memories return, I find I am also remembering certain words from a variety of languages and sources.

I post many of these on Twitter, but I will also list them here.

Eventually, most will be included in the custom Lexicon I created for my books.

Divalia-a Roman festival held on December 21 in honor of the goddess Angerona.

Caeldonia-this originally came to me as Daledonia. Caeldonia is the Roman word for Scotland.

Daios-Greek for “hostile” or “dreadful.”

The prehistoric Daedon comes from this word. While scientists currently relate these animals to modern pigs or hippos, I believe this classification will change.

Odon-this relates to the god Odin. In my books, Odin is also Odon/Adon (Adan/Adam).

How does this relate to werewolves? The word comes from the Ancient Greek odous, which means tooth or tusk. Of course it can be tied to unicorn or elephant, but many werewolves (in my books) consider themselves to be “of the tooth,” and that means of Odon/Adon (Adan/Adam). Interestingly, a variation of “fang” also comes from odous and, in my books, vampyre fangs are referred to as “teeth.”

Vetta-knower or to know.

Vikasa-Sanskrit for shining, expanding, rising, and coming into being. Expansion toward independence. (Concept-nectar of the moon).


Tamu-Turkish for Hell.

Teku-Hausa for sea/ocean.

ANN-GA-Artifical Neural Networks (ANN) to Genetic Algorithms (GA). Used for predictive, optimization and hybrid modeling.