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Like Aphrodite, this goddess is associated with water.

I was suprised that this goddess is commonly called “Ishell” or “Ichell.” On videos, creators were pronouncing it “e-shell.” I do not profess or claim to know ancient Itza but I would pronounce this “itzel” like “eat-zell,” or “e-chell” with a hard “ch” sound. Additionally, I was known as “itzi,” pronounced “it-z.” I understand that this is not the common way to pronounce the name but it is how I pronounce it and how I will continue to do so. The other pronunciation reminds me of “shell,” which is a symbol of my Aphrodite goddess embodiment but also reminds me of “Michelle” and “Shelly,” and eventually the “Sheela” of the “Sheela-na-gig.”

While I have a page discussing them as symbols of divine feminine or a feminine-type deity, I do not resonate with those figures.

Ixchel is also similar to Aphrodite in that she is a triple-goddess. My embodiment is that of fertility-love-marriage-children-intuition-war-death-the underworld-witchcraft.