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This would make sense from a salmon of knowledge or if the Picts perhaps originated from a race of sea people or merfolk.

Here we have words that are spelled similarly in other languages but have very different meanings.

In Karelian, Kurgi can mean Crane. This brings us back to the Kare and Karen.

But in Turkish, Kurku means fur and Korku means fear.

Kurkle in Lithuanian is a type of flower like the Buttercup from the Batrachium.

Another meaning is found in Roehampton, near London.

Rook is also the second most powerful piece in chess.

The Rook heraldry in Cheshire is a beehive.

In Ireland, the heraldry for Roe is 11 bees and an inverted beehive. While the Scottish heraldry for Roe is three roe-bucks.

Bees were also the supposed symbol for Merovingians, along with frogs, and also associated with the priestesses of Aphrodite (later also the other goddesses-particularly Artemis).

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, the high priestess of my first coven was named Bee and we were known as the bees. However, she was the only Bee. The rest of us took similar sacred names ending with the -ee. Most were our actual first initials. So I would have been Nee but another female had that. I had wanted Zee (for Zoey) but was given Vee. This was fine since I was also a vampyre (of the V). Also Viviene, although controversial, was a Lady of the Lake and my middle name, Lynn, can mean “lake.”

And the Royal or Noble Merovingians are said to have been the true lines of divine rule.

Alexander Ingleton Roe
First Marriage-Annie Jane Leti Waddell

My father died of the same condition my great-grandfather had.