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Copyright Notice-A majority of the terms here have been given context and definitions of my making and knowledge. Those uses and definitions that are uniquely devised by me are copyrighted by me also. Please do not use them for your own work, use, or in any other venture or project.



Additional terms for the Gold ‘n Silver




Aggie-slang for natural born American (United States) witch. Agatha means “good.”


It is to honor the females in Salem Witch Trials being called Goody.


Some say only those practicing East Coast magic or with ties to Salem should use the term.


Aldamar-dunghill but used to say a home, restaurant or other establishment is crap.




Ardhacandrakara-half-moon shape


AE-the Aether group


AEIOU-All Eyes Immediately On Us








EA/EO-Eyes And Ears Open








All Hail-used to congratulate someone or mock the need to obey


Assyth-reparations for loss, harm or injury





Bada-to bathe


also Shi’a concept of revising divine destiny


Badát- to be full and unable to eat anymore




Bathory-bitch out for blood or a jealous person


Beth-the unassuming, seemingly naive friend who is watching everything



Blood Right- equivalent to birth right.

Blood Mare- a borne female in a political union or tricked into one of convenience with a hybrid or human for the sake of creating or continuing a line. Human females masquerading as vampyre often had devastating realizations of these unions as they only have human children.







Caltrop-someone who sabotages your work or relationships; a “cockblock”




Casting Couch-a coven is near or a coven member is in the room


Clade– another term for “race” or “species”. I am clade Vampyre.


Claven-those vampyre bound by vampiric law


Cowan– a non-initiate. Used by witches to describe any non-witch.


Also a person posing as a Freemason. And a Cornish word for owl.


Culturally Human-the lifestyle of a supernatural/preternatural being that appears identical to that of  average humans.





Damu-blood. Used by Hittites to reference blood relationships or kin.


Deko-unven eyebrows (vampyre habit of raising one brow when annoyed or angry) or lopsided facial features of the “other.”


Can also mean forehead (area of mark).




Don’t feed dogs chocolate-there is poison in the food or drink


Doublette-side by side coffins


Double Dipping-going back to an ex


Double Mint-picking up the desirable ex of someone you know


Druven-slang for woodwose or children of Eve (dry vein)


Druf-Sour grapes or someone being bitter


Družína-family or close friend group


Dulce-being sweet




Duter-to fear or to be afraid









Etuovi-front door







Fang Banger-a human who has casual intimate relationships with vampire/vampyre (derogatory)


Fanger-fan girl/boy of vampyre/vampire (derogatory)


Fati-one who believes they can change fates


Femon-female demon


Filth-humans (commonly called “the filth”)


Futuitch-“Fuck You Too Bitch/Witch”


Futumuch-“Fucking Too Much”





Galgo-a derogatory term vampyre and other wolves use for French werewolves and hybrids.


God’s Hooks-slang for priests or clergy


God’s Rot-slang for religious zealots who claim to be Christian


Golden-slang for Vampyre but also the angelic/demonic


Gored-slang for a particularly deep or vicious bite


Grab a Brick-bring a weapon


I’ll buy a vowel-See AEIOU





Hacia-towards or against


Hagstag-human witch looking for clout


Hedge Bother(er)-a person who bothers and bullies witches particularly psychically or on the astral side


Hildie-slang for a human witch


Hinata-in the sun or toward the sun





Imanari-turn into or transform or become


Ironside-someone is investigating and/or an official will be a pain in the ass





Jiji-back-up or support


Jitar-to emit or send out


Juice Box-a human blood donor







Klāw-to be called or named


Kovas-a rook (also month of March)


Krve-of the blood (Czech)


Kugi-sacrifice/sacrificial animal/word used in Asian countries for a human




KYGU-Keep Your Guard Up


(The) Krov-Of the blood (Russian)







Laying Seed-luring humans with promises of money, drugs or connections


(can also mean to lure vampyre with promise of clean blood)





Make it a Single (Mitas)-a single vampyre or their coffin


(can also refer to vampyre just looking for a hook-up)




(Merden/merður-fish trap or net)




Ministry of Thieves and Liars-those who have actively stolen from, conspired against or lied about the vampyre, werewolves, and blood borne witches.


Myrtle-someone who constantly complains





No Returns-person isn’t worth dating


No Recycling-don’t go after someone’s ex


Noctua-what humans refer to as fledglings or young vampyre.


Also an adopted term by blood-born witches for initiates into the craft (what humans refer to as neophytes).


nth-dialing to 11


(also a clan name)


NVVN-NV Vampire Nation.


(Some have nicknamed the NVVN as EnVy Vampire Nation, Nicole’s Vein’s Very Nice, and Nicci’s Various Vampire Nuts, among others).





OV-the original vampyre. The prime are the primordial, those arisen with time. The are of the OV and are the OV.


Also Order of the Vampire from the Temple of Set.





Packing Sand-having to bring a significant other or spouse to an event

Paint the Town Red– a group going on the hunt or for a blood feed. Typically used by hybrids going out to hunt for fun or for revenge, but has been referenced or used by many vampire.

Palamara-traitor or enemy




Psisyncratic-Hive Mind. Also used in the pejorative as psychosyncratic due to the negative connotation of “psycho” as of the 20th c.


Purin-humans (when referring to them as filth or referring to vampyre/werewolves who mate with them).


Also referred to as “the filth.”






Quiubo-(informal) hi or how’s it going




Ramdu-a flaw or imperfection


Randi-Sanskrit word for widow.





Scent-werewolf term. When a werewolf loses their scent for something, they have lost interest.


Sesame-promiscuous person (as in Open Sesame)


Shake-werewolf form word for dancing.


(Witches also have a shake or mini-convulsion during certain spells, rituals or states of mind.)


Somnos-Also known the slumber. Vampyre sleep.


Sterling-slang for werewolves


Sweet Sleep-an infrequent and uncommon means of a vampyre draining someone (hybrid) or changing someone (borne)  in their sleep.





Tamdari– (From the Kannada language.) It is the name for the sleep I was in; a half-sleep.


Tanda- means sign/symbol or to turn. It can be our symbol (mark) or the process of the transformation.


Tato-warm or slang for okay




Terebina-without you


Terbiti-to pester or annoy


Teven-fodder for livestock (like stories or gifts given to humans)




Trăda-a betrayal or one who is untrue to their oaths


Tonda- used by others, and some humans, to refer to one of the kinds who can pass as human. In Telugu, means chameleon bloodsucker.


Tresveias-also known as the three (TresVey, 3T, The T, The 3, etc). A vampyre house with membership from the blood-born vampyre, werewolves and witches. They are lead by a prime and a house that sets the example for others.


Troth-a vampyric oath


The Tru-Stands for Truvene. Royal Vampyre or those that aspire to live by the highest vampiric standards. They all trace their lineage to the pure lines of vampyre and are not human-hybrid. With more human-hybrids, there have been calls to make the Tru about a code or creed rather than bloodlines.





Umat-used by vampyre for “home”




Upiórs-vampyre who function during the day. Borrowed from Eastern term, Upir. Younger groups call them Supiors (Superior), while the wolven call them Up-urs (because they think they are superior).






Vamperica-slang for America


Vampnesia– A vampyre erasing the memories of someone.


Vamp Stamp-specific rose tattoo on the left chest of a human donor in a physical covenant with a vampire/vampyre.


Vang-Vampyre Gang (slang used by swans and other human friends or enemies)


(Has also been used by some teenagers as an expression like “Dang.”)


Vangy-good news or congratulations


Várna- crow


(also means warning)


Varun-God of the Sea


Vasu-to kiss


Vathi-human house


Vatari-the Jujube Tree




Vér-(Hungarian) Blood. This can also mean descendant. “She is my vér” means she is of my blood or my descendant/close relative.


Vérből-Of the blood (Hungarian). 
(Used primarily by werewolves and so it is joked that they are the fur balls or gerbils. Use fell out of favor during World War II.)




Verest-of the blood (Estonian)




Venen-to come for the blood


Veren-to give of blood/ of the blood


Vernachten-those who spend the night with a vampire when not in covenant (for blood/sex/clout)


Verenachten-what vampyre call the Vernachten (the despised)


Veule-to taste


Veva-to weave


Veve-a Voodou symbol. In Ewe, it also means “bitter.” It is taken from Vivir, which means “to live” in Portugese.


Vevene-the fabled fabric woven of a person’s life. Their vevene.


Verin-poison or venom


Vinca-a type of Periwinkle but also the term used by certain witches to mean bind or binding spell.


Witches of the Bind also wear small splashes of Periwinkle colored fabric or jewelry to note their alliance.


Vivian-Another name that Eve uses. It means lively or alive.


Vöhle-see Veule


Vörn-protection or defense


Vovo/Vocari-to summon or call


Vucari-Another term for werewolf




Vulgari-derogatory term used by werewolves and vampyre for humans who think they are wolves.


Vulgavi-means common or to cheapen. Can also mean throngs of people. Used as a derogatory term for humans in place of other words.


Vangen/Ving-catch or capture


Vanta-Lack or Want


Vara-wish (Can also mean eldest/gift/reward/sparrow)


Vitare-to escape or avoid





Where’s Aldo-spotting older vampyres or asking where they are


Ward-to cast magical or energetic protection


(also to physically guard)


Wardo-to herd someone or a group


Watch your vowels-See AEIOU


(Vowels can be broken out separately to use as name initials or to stand for words)


Wendy-a solitary witch or human witch who might also claim vampire or werewolf but is not supernatural


W.O.A.-Witches of Anarchy


Willow-a Vampyre-hating witch or witch who assists vampire hunters.


Witch Skin – “Witch Skin” is the glamour that some or certain witches use to disguise themselves. There are races that will use it conversely and say, “let me see your witch-skin” as a way of demanding to see the witch’s true self.







Xio-get ready to fight or a fight





Yitson-inside the mind





Z’of-someone who is weak or stupid