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Dark Culture

I am a vampyre. I am also an ’80s goth.

What many do not know is that the whole evolution behind goth was so vampyre could be themselves among humans and embrace all the elements of their lives, interests and lifestyles.

This is the reason the goth aesthetic has so many graveyards, bats, coffins, Victorian aesthetics, etc.

It just so happened that many of us were already punk and some human punks naturally gravitated over to goth.

Thus, a scene was born.

But it has also splintered off into subcultures. Goth has had groups like steampunk, gravers, batcavers, etc. Even vampire has become known as a subcategory or subgroup of goth.

Some believe and claim that goth was only referred to as alternative. That is not my recollection. In fact, there was one group that called themselves alternative because they were going to be the “alternative” to punk and goth. I have also heard goth referred to as the nocturnal and noir.

Since the goth, vampire, punk, etc. subcultures overlap, people often just call the collective Dark Culture.