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In Isaiah, Moloch is considered the king of the underworld.

Phonetically, mlk would make one think of “milk” and the cow or bull imagery reinforces this.

This is further reduced in the text as “whoring after the mlk offering.” One could interpret this as breast milk or, more likely, semen. However, within vampyric culture, it would be blood. Echoes of this are found in vampire pop culture references (Vampire Academy) to a “blood whore.”

With reference to being “passed over,” it could mean the “donor” was passed over for being able to feed the vampyre and thus shown their favor.

Eve’s jealousy and wrath would also be understood in this context. Regardless of whether she is a nymph, rib, wood carving, lichen, mold or extra-terrestrial being does not matter. Her blood and body are toxic to the vampyre and her blood is a key component in the additive that was given to humans to prevent vampyre from feeding on them. 

If she could not be their queen or partner, or receive their favor,  then no one could. She epitomizes sterility, envy, and ultimately destruction.

Again, this translation of the text highlights sacrifices are to be human beings. Also it is noted that they are citizens so that would be an adult, not children.Here we also have the concept of “lamb.” Jesus is known as the “lamb of God,” so one can infer the “child of God.” If that is the case, then the sacrifice would be the human child of the God being sacrificed to. Since Eve cannot have children, it would be her adopted children (humans), but I would argue that none should be sacrificed to her as she is not a God.

In my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, the burnt offerings of witches and heretics were spurred on by Eve. Just as she wanted sacrifices at the altars of the temples and even at pagan trees. She wants the blood given to her just as the vampyre receive it.