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Tuning Forks

A subject many do not feel comfortable talking about is the need for self-care. All witches and magicians must be in top physical form to be proper conduits for and directors of energy. Not only does this include exercise and diet, but also massage, yoni care, and chakra tuning.  For diet, the ideal is one that has been living. Yes, one can argue that even plants die for our diet and that it is no different from the slaughter of animals. There is also decay in vegetable and fruit matter once they make their way to the supermarket. So the ideal would be eating fruit and vegetables right out of your own garden. Barring that, the next ideal would be a whole foods, plant-based diet. Now this is for humans or hybrids. While there have been vampyre and werewolves forced to live as “vegetarians,” I have not seen them able to maintain optimal health. 


However, the purpose of this page is not to discuss diet, but rather introduce the reader to a concept touched on in Gold ‘n Silver-tuning forks.