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Mormons & Merovingians

My theory is that Joseph Smith and later leadership of the Mormon Church were and are obsessed with not only being Merovingians, but also being supernatural beings.

He was known to brag that he came from a Satanic bloodline like the Plantagenets but further exerted that his ties were so numerous to these Satanic bloodlines that he and his flock were true scions and heirs of that lineage. It is the main reason behind their genealogical search–to resume the hunt for the genuine supernatural heirs of the royal vampiric bloodlines to kill and replace them. Their genetic research has focused on attempting to isolate genes and clone them into individuals under the guise of medicine (reaching their goal while also getting lots of money to do so and providing benefit to society at the same time).

Whether Joseph Smith or Brigham Young were of the Merovingian line or not, I cannot confirm. Many people are of the bloodlines, though fewer of the royal lines. However, they have long wanted to have the supernatural abilities of the vampyre and kindred. It is one of the reasons I was experimented on. It is why teenage members of their church were given experimental treatments to alter their DNA and why 40 (names unknown to me) babies were “created” and adopted to Mormon families around the country between 1991 and 1994 who possessed the altered DNA. It is also why they purposely chose the Greek word, Mormon as the name for their church and congregation. In a 2013 Washington Post article, it was noted that while there were 26 royal families, they ruled over 43 countries and kingdoms. This would allow each of the 40 select to rule over their own country and institute in their own religious fiefdoms.

Should this fail, the Mormon Church (in league with others) would then be able to eliminate the supernatural beings and essentially be, or be part of,  the ruling class and elites of the human race.

Despite their protesting to the contrary, the word had nothing to do with “more good.” It was, instead, Joseph Smith’s assertion that they were a supernatural being and, therefore, the rightful heirs of the supernaturally empowered Frankish kings, known as the Merovingians. Without these supernatural abilities, Smith and his leadership/flock would continue to be ordinary humans and just a list of other human descendants in the lines of true royal vampiric blood.

This connection has been so obvious that the LDS Church has even moved to stop any references to “Mormon” in relation to the Church and its administration, but they have not distanced themselves from their founders or their founding philosophies.