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Hedge Witch

In communicating with humans, particularly human witches, my definition of Hedge is closer to this. However, I was not a headge-witch (a derogatory term meant to mean a poor or impoverished witch). Instead, I would reference Hedge Riding and being a hedge rider as one of my inherent abilities.

However, because of events in my life in 1990/1991, I have been labeled a hedge witch.

In the context of my practice and experience, I do not use Hedge Witch interchangeably with Hearth Witch, Wood Witch, Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, etc. Modern witches might identify it more with being a wood witch or Druid. The focus is definitely more on nature, foraging, greenery, etc.

I associate Hearth or Home Witches with Hestia/Vestia/ Home Witches have also been connected to house keepers and various professionals in the hospitality and home services. That is not to say Vestia/Vesta/Hestia was the goddess protecting or advancing those professions. She was the maiden responsible for keeping the fire going.

As I have detailed elsewhere, Eve is an evolution of the embodied Hestia/Vesta/Vestia. Her followers did later adopt magical practices that more resembled kitchen or hearth witchery but it was typically to poison (food), steal, murder, gain information, plant charms, etc. I have also associated Eve with a possible galactic fungus similar to an early mycoid. The plant known as wood-witch or hedge-witch is a fungus.

Also interesting, in the context of my story, is the Mutinus Caninus. On the surface, it could mean “Bad Dog.” However, only Eve is usually that obvious so I would guess it to be a planted term referencing the werewolf uprising or the fall from heaven.

But Canin could be phonetic for Canaan.