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Djinn, Devi to Demi & the Angelic

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, the hybrid male vampires learn from me that they are also known as demi (demi-gods). They are the middle-point between the human and the angelic/demonic.

The vampire and werewolf are born of gods and goddesses, with the most recent incarnations being that of Lilith and a fallen angel. This is why their are known as “pure.” Humans say that Lilith is a demon and is cursed to produce only demons for Adam. If she was already a demon, this would not be a curse. So one must, if albeit simplistically, assume Lilith was not human, since that is called out as a condition of Eve, nor was she already a demon. Then one can infer that she is another fallen angel or simply another celestial being of some kind. This is supported by a number of stories in which Lilith is said to have wings. Within the Dead Sea Scrolls, there is a passage linking Lilith to the fallen angels, demons and all sorts of other supernatural beings. However, the Talmudic mention of her son Hormin is seen as a transcription error of “Hormiz,” and that, in turn, an error of “Ormuzd.” Ormuzd is the chief god of the ancient Persians and seen as a god of light and good. It is believed that Ormuzd is equivalent to Ahura Mazda, a Zoroastrian god linked to the deva.

It could also be that Lucifer/Satan was djinn here on earth and Lilith a class of deva or angel.

Whatever her origins, there are a lack of stories linking her to having any demonic children for Adam or being responsible for any hybrids. Interestingly there is a Rabbinic reference that insinuates that Adam was not to breed with Eve or create others in his image, (Babylonian Talmud on Tractate Eruvin 18) and for this transgression (playing God), he was punished.

There is no reference to the original appearance of Adam other than he was made of clay and in God’s image. It can be assumed that if the angels were also in god’s image then Adam might have looked angelic. The references and translations meaning Eve was created from Adam’s rib are iffy. He would have had to be supernatural or a magician or angel of the highest order to make that happen and then she would have been a complete duplicate of him. This implies she is his sister or daughter and that God did not sanction the union. Since the children of Adam and Eve are human, one can assume that was either a curse or Eve herself was a human to begin with and they had to explain how Adam linked up with her when he was alone in the garden.

The children of Lilith may have been along the lines of the Cambion. The word “cambion” means to “change.” But the Hausa meaning for its root word, “kambi” means crown. It could also have been reference to crooked necks/spines or even to curly hair. One root tree was linked to the word, “comb,” which would have potential ties to Aphrodite and even merfolk. Cambion was likely the term that humans used for shape-shifters and may have been a general for our kinds before the uprising. The word was then misused by humans as fairy “changeling.” Still, even in this version, the cambion was not yet seen as or referred to as a hybrid.

As this concept evolved, we see the creation of words for the hybrids of our races like the Dhampir, Nephilim, and even the Grendel-who might have been a hybrid werewolf (wolf).

Humans have long tried to develop a significant difference between the celestial (angelic/demonic) when there is no difference other than perspective and experience. The true dichotomy is between humans, the deva/devi/demi,  and the celestial.

While the demotion to human is not exactly as written for our kinds, it can happen.

This happens, however, only to the demi/hybrids. Any celestial/supernatural being would usually “perish,” and symptoms of this are seen in advancing aging, weight loss and other symptoms of ill health.

For a pure supernatural being, this is most commonly caused by spending extended amounts of time around the “unclean” human race.

And let me be clear, our races are not hear to save humanity. We are here for our own purposes and our advances have always assisted or aided humanity. None of us are sacrificed to or for humans. We do not exist for humans. There are many, especially humans and hybrid-humans, who will take offense at being seen as “unclean.” You must look back to the etymology of words our kinds and their descendants have used to call themselves. They are always a derivative or meaning of “pure.” This purity is not a religious purity so to speak as much as it is purity from human blood and freedom from the human condition, karma and original sin. Our kinds do have reincarnation, life scrolls as well fate but they do not resemble what humans immediately think of or experience.