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Iona Miller

I do not know who Iona Miller is or was. A branch of my family is named Miller (Reverend Robert Miller and Esther Miller) and they were from Scotland, so it is possible that she was a distant relation-possibly by marriage.

However, I am curious about some of the claims in this conversation. I went through the Starfire ceremony in 1991, when I was 17 years old.  I didn’t find Nicholas De Vere, he found me via a group I was h in Trucker, CA and others I knew in San Francisco. Was she claiming to have gone through the ceremony in 1990? If she was a practicing clinical hypnotherapist in the 1980s and 1990s, she’d be too old for the ceremony in 1990.

The process is for maidens and ascertains certain information about bloodlines that, from photos of her teeth, she was not a part of.

Either she or Thomas Kelly state they were “killed” by skinheads. I was stomped by skinheads in a “boot party” -also in 1991. Is she referring to something similar?

Given that she was in Europe, I would have been curious to talk about her story to see if it mirrored mine or if she was trying to claim to have had my experiences and, in essence, trying to impersonate me. Given her family name off Orr and none of her close or relatively close relatives being named Orr, her choice of using that surname is odd.

The one thing I can say is that my awakening started in February 2021 and started to unfold more rapidly in March 2021 when I remembered events around the Gold ‘n Silver in Reno.

Yes, I have seen de Vere’s words about getting a passport in 1996. Remember, we are not dealing solely with human worlds or time. I still assert it was 1991 and that the “people” involved wanted events to fall 3-5 years on either side of 1991 to appear unrelated.