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And God said she is to be adored as she adores you.

Was it the female formed of the sands, earth and wood?

No, it was she born of the sea.

And what sin did Adan Adam place upon her? The first among many.

As she did obey the commandment of their God to adore Adan Adam, he refused her the place by his side as an equal.

Of his wife he did force her shoulder to kneel and then bow before him.

To place himself among the stars while she pushed to the dirt of the mortal and declared the flesh not of God but of filth.

And of the other he did anoint her as high priestess and bow before her-a god submitting to human and committing his heart, love and life to her.

Vowing to teach the mortal all that he knew and elevate her status to his. With her knowledge, the mortal one did avert her eyes to Samael. She betrayed Adan Adam and left him defeated and alone. As the mortal is to mimick, she and her kind were all things. A receptive mirror of reciprocity to all for they peered within to see the want and need. Empty vessels of perpetual affability and hazy malaise of the creature’s comforts. And with her manipulative prowess and magick, the mortal one brought Samael to his knees. Speaking to the adored one, he did proclaim the mortal superior and much desired. Thus turning his back to happiness, salvation and peace forever.

Standing, the adored one did turn to her mortal rival and said “Let those who bask in your light, steal your shine. Let those who feel your love and warmth, be left only cold. Let those who plant seed within you find no abundance or fruit upon your tree. Let those who leave my side to love, adore or care for you, pang and hunger for my love until they can bear the sight of you no more and return to me. As has been declared, you are soiled of your condition. As my love, adoration and devotion is for myself, my kind and my mate; Human is human and that is eternal .”

Here the first witch, goddess and queen, was born and initiated of her own accord.