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Morning Star Ritual

In my stories, the Skidi Pawnee are followers of Adan Adam and Eve. Their Morning Star Ritual sacrifice is the typical human sacrifice that has followed their wolf-totem people. But the use of red is to denote the vampyre and the bloodline of Samael and Lilith. Unfortunately, they do not take into account that the children of Lilith are held by both Samael and Adan Adam. So in Eve demanding sacrifice of his young, she is placing herself as a god above Adan Adam.

Since Eve was not fond of humans, she allowed their sacrifice in proxy but always sought a human descendant from the vampyre lines.

Of course these rituals followed through the new world. “Loup” is French for “Wolf.” And in my stories, there was a large wolf family known by Platte and a group led by one called Diki-Da-Nay (Diki). He was favored by Adan Adam and Eve, while also feared by his own.

It will remain of legend whether the wolf tribes were originally werewolves, hybrids, humans, or perhaps some other species all together.

But for my stories, it was a little bit of all of it mixed in with some original werewolves.

I wonder if painting the sacrificial victim red has ties to the use of red ochre at other burial sites and on bodies-either denoting someone who was sacrificed, designated for rebirth, or property of the gods?

The painting of the sacrificial victim in the color red makes me wonder if the use of red ochre in graves indication of some sort of sacrifice or potentially renewal/resurrection?